Transfusion: The Bloody Return of SIPHON


February 2, 2018, A. A. Medina’s debut novella SIPHON was unleashed on the world via Hindered Souls Press just six days before Medina’s 30th birthday. Unfortunately, Hindered Souls Press closed its doors late December 2018 for various reason, leaving not only SIPHON, but the other great titles like Eat The Rich by Renee Miller, Sugar Skulls by M. R. Tapia, and Jesus of Scumburg by Leo X. Robertson without a home.

Medina wrote a post about it here: Sucked Dry: Hindered Souls Press Closes Its Doors.

After deliberating on whether or not he should shop it around to another publisher as a reprint, Medina decided it was best to get SIPHON back into the world as soon as possible with a little makeover.

Here, at Aphotic Realm, we are proud to announce the release of the Second Edition of A. A. Medina’s SIPHON on February 8, 2019!

The release date is Medina’s 31st birthday, so be sure to pick up a copy via paperback, Kindle, or Audible (which is still available) and help him fund his addiction to stiff drinks and hot wings!

Just check out these blurbs!

“A. A. Medina is a talented writer. The pacing of this novella is mapped out with precision detail; not a single word wasted.”

— Sadie Hartmann, Scream Magazine

“I had no idea what exactly to expect with this book but left knowing I’d read a pretty damn good novella.” – Grim Reader Reviews

“A.A. Medina’s Siphon is a thoroughly enjoyable story of transformation and acceptance. At least that’s how I interpreted it, and that’s what I loved about this novella. It doesn’t spoon feed you the facts, it leaves doors open.”

— Kendall Reviews

“Well what can I say? WOW… this is a really great intense story…I was bearing witness to a descent into madness.”

— Housewife of Horror

“The cadence of the story was beautifully choreographed and flowed like a well orchestrated horror symphony. This was original, a bit peculiar and out of the ordinary with a very strange and dark  sense of humor thrown in to make it all that more eerie and fascinating.”

— Book Review Village

“This psychological novella hits you from the beginning with its spine-chilling action and vivid detail. I got sucked in from the beginning and couldn’t put it down.”

— Underrated Reads

“Siphon is a swift read that will grip you from the first page. The storyline is seamless. The ending is equal parts brutal and beautiful. A. A. Medina has arrived!”

— Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

“Siphon was a dark, disturbing read that I only appreciated exactly how disturbing it was once I’d finished.”

— Morgan K. Tanner

“Medina’s has a strong writing voice which allows the reader to become submerged in the story almost immediately. Medina’s skillfully created characters which read three dimensional and are well written…Siphon hit all the right notes for me.”

— The Misadventures of a Reader

“Despite the grotesque content, I have to commend A. A. Medina on creating a story that came alive on the pages…”

— Kam’s Place