The Review Corner

A few months ago, we opened up our doors for folks to submit reviews of books, movies, etc. One of the folks that answered that call was Stephen Roche.

Stephen, in his free time, runs The Horror Club. A site dedicated to all things horror and a few months ago, he actually reached out and asked to interview us–you can still read our interview over there. We had quite a fun chat with Stephen and we enjoy his reviews.

In the coming months, we will be working with Stephen to build up our Review Corner and hope to deliver great content regularly for our loyal Realmers!

Submissions for reviews aren’t closing. We need to build out our Review Corner Team, and Stephen is only one man and there is A LOT of Strange and Sinister to content to consume and report back to you guys!

Here is Stephen’s Bio:

Stephen Roche loves anything creative and is never afraid to go out of his comfort zone. He is a lover of dark fiction, no matter what medium it’s in.

While primarily a Journalist, Stephen dabbles in short fiction and poetry, having published a number of poems here and there. He has experience working across all forms of social media. On the creative side, he has worked on various projects (in and out of college) such as radio interviews, short films scripts and plays.

Stephen runs The Horror Club, a site dedicated to all things horror, such as interviews and articles, in order to help others within the genre and give them a voice!

He also holds a B.A (Hons) in Creative Writing w/ Digital Media from the Institute of Technology, Tralee in Ireland.

Away from writing, Stephen believes that he is a pro tennis player, until he misses a shot, of course.

Find him at: or @MegaStevieR on Twitter.

Be sure to give him a warm welcome!

We’re excited to add him to the Aphotic Realm Team as our new Reviews Editor!