Aphotic Realm is Growing Again! Introducing…

Here we grow again!

Adrian and I [Dustin] had big dreams for Aphotic Realm from the very beginning. As we see those dreams come to fruition, the bigger Aphotic Realm is going to get. Chris has been a fantastic addition to the team, a truly invaluable asset that we have come to rely on since we brought him on board and we see big things on the way for our newest addition.

Without further ado, we'd like to introduce the newest member of Aphotic Realm!

Gunnar Larsen
Gunnar Larsen

Meet Gunnar Larsen! You may recognize his name. That's because he is the artist behind the gorgeous the covers of Apparitions and the upcoming Grimdark Grimiores Anthology.


Gunnar Larsen has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He started out trying to draw the box art for old Sega Genesis and Nintendo games. As he grew up, he slowly started getting more and more into drawing demons, fantasy characters, and ideas he got from reading horror novels and old occult books he stumbled across on the internet.

After sketching swords and monstrosities throughout high school and his life as a young adult, Gunnar decided to pursue a Bachelor's of Science degree in Game Art at Full Sail University. He realized about halfway through the program that it wasn't what he wanted to do, but still finished his courses, graduating as Salutatorian of his class in August of 2014. He decided to focus on illustration after this, as it was the art form he always had a passion for.

When Gunnar isn't drooling over other people's art or illustrating Void & Valor, you can usually find him hanging out with his cat, googling weird things, or trying to further educate himself.

We've received such positive feedback on his work it felt foolish not to bring him on board. Gunnar will be filling the role of Art Director here at Aphotic Realm. His duties will include scouting for potential art, reviewing artwork submitted to Aphotic Realm, and securing any pieces/artists of interest.

Gunnar is constantly studying his craft and as a result, pours through tons and tons of artwork/pieces daily. His artistic eye and existing immersion into that community will be an invaluable asset to Adrian and I as it will free us up to further the Aphotic Realm brand and reach--just as we envisioned.

Please take a moment to welcome Gunnar to the Aphotic Realm team!


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