Review Corner: The Forest is Hungry by Christopher Stanley

The Forest is Hungry by Christopher Stanley

Reviewed by Morgan K. Tanner

I swear that as I was reading this story, the room was getting darker around me, such was the claustrophobic atmosphere emanating from my Kindle’s screen. This SSS! release was engrossing, creepy, and pretty killer.

Richard is feeling like a very bad parent. When his daughter, Becca goes missing in the forest he fears the worst. But it’s cool, he eventually finds her. It’s just that when he does, she’s acting very strangely, telling her pop that ‘The forest is hungry.’

Back home, Becca is not feeling well. Richard and his new lady worry that something is very wrong with her. He can’t even begin to imagine the trouble he’ll be in when he has to explain the situation to his ex-wife; Becca’s mom.

Becca is ill because of the forest – duh. But what happened to her in there? Is anyone safe? And what exactly is the forest hungry for?

Come on, I’m not going to tell you that, but this forest is not just hungry, it’s bloody ravenous.

Trees appear everywhere, growing at an exponential rate. There’s even one making an appearance through the tiled kitchen floor.

Eventually the true horrors of these malevolent trees are presented in a shocking reveal. I loved the ending here, it was definitely my kind of finale.

This is another superb addition to the Short Sharp Shocks! library, these titles just seem to be getting better and better.

Any fan of horror in the trees is going to be salivating sap (and possibly blood) over this one!


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