Review Corner: Satanic Serial Killer by Tim Miller

Satanic Serial Killer by Tim Miller

Reviewed by Morgan K. Tanner

Come on, it’s called Satanic Serial Killer FFS, does it really need a review?? The title says it all, surely?

Well yeah it does, there really are no surprises here. The SSS is actually a dude named Dominic (sounds a bit like demonic – I like to think that that’s intentional), who discovered an old grimoire that gave instructions on how to become at one with Satan.

He reads that The Dude Downstairs will grant eternal life for those who choose to spill blood in his name. And Dominic thinks that this could be pretty neat. It certainly beats working in an office.

His first attempt at finding a victim doesn’t go that well, though. It seems Mandy is a bit too badass for him. But it’s cool, he soon finds others to kill instead.

Dominic kills his victims inflicting as much pain and spilling as much blood as possible. Throughout his murder rituals he calls out to his Master, embracing in his diabolical actions. The pentagram carved into his own chest was a really nice touch.

That covers the Satanic part, but what about the Serial Killer bit? Well, of course as Dominic continues his ‘quest’ he soon gets caught by the cops and is put on death row. But he doesn’t care, surely his Hell-pal will sort him out, right?

It seems Dominic was correct in his hopes of eternal life. Because he only goes and comes back to life, bringing yet more blood and destruction to the party. Yep, there are plenty more murders.

It’s up to Mandy, his very first would-be victim, to save the day. Along with her two friends from the bar she works in, they hatch a plot to defeat this bastard.

The killings in this book hold no punches. Some of the horrific acts Dominic performs on his victims are brutal and gross. If you are familiar with the band Cannibal Corpse, I’d liken the violence in this book to reading their song lyrics. Yes the subject matter is sick and gory, but it’s not that shocking; you kind of read it with a grin on your face and a nodding head. Or maybe that’s just me.

I wasn’t shocked or appalled but still found the whole thing a fun ride. When a murderer delights in the suffering of his victims you have quite the scope for elaborate deaths.

Although the story flies by, I would have liked a bit more. More backstory on Dominic and his previous forays into the occult. More on his rituals and worshipping of The Great Deceiver. More satanic shit when he’s really giving it some on the murder count. Yeah he screams the occasional ‘Hail Satan’ but it seems like it’s just something for him to say to remind you he’s doing it for a reason. I don’t want to say his interactions with his Master are ‘cheesy’ but I’d certainly heard them before in campy old movies.

I also would have liked a bit more on the oracle lady who advises the heroes on how to defeat Demonic Dom. She only makes a brief appearance, seems conveniently able to help immediately, then is never seen again.

The trio of heroes plan to take down this super bad guy, but their conversations and behaviour don’t seem like they’re about to take on the most notorious antagonist in fiction (ouch!!).

But in saying all that, does it really matter? It was a fun story with lots of death, blood, and violence. Miller certainly went to town with some of the kill scenes. There’s no simple stabbings and stranglings on show here. That would be just too unsatanic (I don’t think that’s a word).

If you fancy a fun couple of hours of people pleading for their lives, albeit sometimes a little too coherently, this book may be worth checking out.

And if you do, and anyone asks what you’re currently reading, try telling them the title of this without throwing the metal horns!!

*I’d also like to mention that prior to writing this sentence, this review contained exactly 666 words; and that is Satanic as Fuck (and also a little disconcerting).

Check it out! It’s Available Now.



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