Review Corner: Jigsaw


1 hour 32 minutes | Crime/Horror/Mystery | 2017

IMBD: Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for 10 years.

Review by William Marchese


WCM: This series had a strong start which spawned many sequels. I loved the subsequent movies, and each on Halloween, to boot. Each one degraded a bit in story, but they always lent a new aspect to the world of Jigsaw and his crazy challenges (Games.) The puzzles and twists rivaled the dilemmas meted upon each victim.

With this new title, simply Jigsaw, we see the franchise come back with more twisted life-realization challenges for a host of new victims.

John Kramer is back!

I love this character, played by Tobin Bell. No one does the infamous Jigsaw voice like him.

One thing I enjoyed about the Saw movies was the story behind them always had some twist or mystery to figure out. Just when you think you’ve got it, nope, you don’t. And the movie shows you just how much you didn’t get it.

All the clues were in front of your face. And that holds very true in this recent installment of the series. It all makes sense in the end.

I was worried in the beginning. You had the cliché detectives; one an extreme jerk, the other a straight arrow. And there were times when the movie almost lost it with the dialogue. But between the killer death scenes and that twist at the end, you can easily overlook these.

Unlike other movies where the victims deserve to die and you couldn’t care less, you don’t know anything about these characters from the get-go. You learn as the story progresses what they did to deserve their punishment and then feel sorry when they recognize what they’ve done. They become human. because who hasn’t done something evil in life? And hide it; rationalize it away until you feel you’ve done nothing wrong.

Let me tell you, the twist is a doozy.

If you like horror, especially the Saw franchise, see this movie. You can check it out on Blu-ray, Amazon Video, Google Movies and more.


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