Review Corner: Faster by Calvin Demmer


Faster by Calvin Demmer

Reviewed by Morgan K. Tanner


I’ve never hitchhiked, I’ve never been in the position to have to do it, so have no experience of catching a lift off a stranger. But I’ve read enough books and seen enough films to know it never ends well.

This short tale follows the story of the driver, Brock Johnson (what a name!). You know he’s running from someone, or something, though the details are a little hazy to begin with. When he picks up a pretty young waitress who just wants to get to work at her diner, Brock knows deep down she is to become his next victim.

But this isn’t your usual kill-em/dump-em scenario. Because as Brock tears along the road at breakneck speed, getting faster by the second, a strange force enters the vehicle. His new passenger succumbs to this miasma of death and is soon, well, dead.

Brock travels to the diner she was talking about and makes the acquaintance of a guy in there. Before long this dude is in Brock’s car and all prepped for the journey to Victimsville.

Brock explains his whole situation, one involving a very old existence, ancient pacts, and sacrifice. Deals made with supernatural entities don’t often end well for any party. Some day Brock’s luck will run out, will it be today?

Calvin Demmer is superb at writing short fiction. He manages to cram so much tension into so few words. This story is no exception. The title is perfect here, as the story flashes by like someone driving like they stole it.

I can’t say much more without giving things away but fans of very short fiction should really be involving themselves in this one. Then check out his superb collection of flash fiction, The Sea Was a Fair Master.

You’ve been encouraged, or more like warned!


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