Review Corner: Dreams of Lake Drukka and Exhumation by Mike Thorn

Dreams of Lake Drukka and Exhumation by Mike Thorn

Reviewed by Morgan K. Tanner

These two stories were well delivered tales of loss and supernatural monsters. Oh Hell Yeah! The monsters I mean, not the loss, I’m not that heartless.

Dreams of Lake Drukka follows two sisters travelling to the lake where their mother drowned. The pair bicker like sisters do and their interactions are realistic and engaging. Sharla has been having dreams of the lake and needs to visit there for some kind of closure and, perhaps, to convince herself that her dreams are simply her over-active sleep-mind.

But of course, they’re not. Frightening things are happening down by the lake and as the story reaches its climax, a demon-monster thingy appears with its sights set on souls.

I would have liked a little more about this evil entity, but the short amount of description making me crave more teased me just enough to be satisfied. You can’t have it all I suppose.

The second story, Exhumation, is set at a funeral; what a great place for a horror tale. Abel is at his cousin’s funeral, even though he hasn’t seen him in years. When a strange relative who Abel doesn’t remember starts talking to him, Abel realises there is an event in his past that his mind erased. That is, until now.

The event is revealed like the slash of an otherworldly beast’s claw to the face. You’d wonder how Abel managed to suppress this memory for so long, but I suppose with something that horrific, it’s certainly in your brain’s best interests to forget about it.

Of the two stories I enjoyed Dreams… the most. Both tales carry an air of unease and some awesome shocking moments that will linger with me for a while I’m sure. I have yet to check out Mike Thorn’s short story collection, Darkest Hours, but on the strength of these two it’s certainly creeping up that TBR pile!

Check it out for yourself!


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