Review Corner: Cockblock by C. V. Hunt

Cockblock by C.V. Hunt

Review by Morgan K. Tanner

The concept of this book is both harrowing and a little comedic. It’s like a modern day zombie apocalypse with only men being affected. And instead of a lust for munching on brains and other tasty viscera, their only motivation is to rape.

Such a subject is not for the faint of heart, and were it not for the humour dotted along this book, could have been a chilling account of a not-too-distant society. But thank fuck (probably not the right word) for the humour!

Sonya and Callie, a couple, are thrust right into this rape-ocalypse when they head into town for a night out. They are accosted by men throwing cheap chat-up lines their way before attempting to beat then defile them.

As they escape the first wave of predators they find this epidemic is wide-spread and being instigated by the President, no less.

As they encounter more of these sex-hungry men, they realise they must fight to survive. They make plans and attempt to find some salvation in this depraved, lust-fuelled plague.

The streets are awash with men thrusting their erections from their sagging hips and speaking only in cheesy one-liners. This reads like a zombie survival tale, but without the need for the protagonists to destroy the brains. The way to kill these monsters is a swift strike to the balls. So yeah, destroy the brains.

I don’t want to describe this as a fun story, but it paces along perfectly and is kind of enjoyable. Am I wrong to say this?

It’s certainly a new concept for me and I would highly recommend checking this out. It’s horrific, in the greatest possible way, and if you’re a fan of horror then horrific should be just what you’re looking for. Plus, if you’re a man, there are some genius pick-up lines on display here.

There are plenty of cringe-moments, detailed descriptions of really bad stuff happening, and enough gore to whet many sadistic appetites.

Check it out!

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