Chris Martin

Chris Martin grew up in rural Alabama. As a fan of all things Star Wars, Transformers, Tolkien, and the like, many days were spent either pretending to be his favorite characters alongside his brothers romping around in their backyard, or reading his father’s comics. As he grew older, his love for fiction began to encompass novels of the same genres. His father introduced him to the realm of high fantasy through The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Dungeons & Dragons.

It was through the love of Dungeons & Dragons that Chris Martin discovered his love for writing. As a veteran dungeon master, he has constructed a vast, culturally detailed world that he still leads adventures through to this day. This world is the basis of a series of novels he is currently working on.

Chris Martin now resides just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. When he isn’t slaving away at his day job or relishing his time as an adopted grandpa, he enjoys long, epic D&D sessions with his friends.

When AR brought him on, we posted an interview to help get to know him. Check out his interview here.