Long Overdue JUSTICE Announcement!

Good Afternoon!

The day has finally come and while I could wax poetic, I’m just going to cut to the chase. Issue #10, JUSTICE, will be released THIS WEEK! Friday if all goes according to plan.

Below is the full wrap cover with all the credits and the beautiful artwork by Gunnar Larsen. (more below)

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Here’s the official “Press Blurb” for the release.


JUSTICE, Aphotic Realm Magazine’s tenth issue of strange and sinister fiction brings all new tales of hardboiled fiction with a supernatural twist. Comprised of 62 full-color 8.5″ x 11″ pages for your reading pleasure, Justice features contributions including: FICTION: DETECTIVE PANTO’S RETIREMENT PARTY by Ethan Robles/ SWINGTOWN SNAKE by Rollin Jewett/ TROLLSKAP (POEM) by James Matthew Byers/ A KIND OF JUSTICE by Kenneth Tilford Jr./ A SHARP BLACK LINE by Tyler Jones/ A FINAL TOAST (POEM) by Marc Sorondo/ STASIS by Wanda R. Dailey/ THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM by Anna Schoenbach/ COMICS: ACE OF HEARTS by Ken Best/ A SERIOUS ILLNESS by Marcello Bondi, Andrea Gallo Lassere, Daniele Afferni, Lorenzo Zazzeri/ NONFICTION: NEO NOIR & HORROR by Jordan Gerdes/ REVIEW CORNER by Morgan K Tanner & S. J. Budd/ INTERVIEW with Bo Chappell/ COVER ART and ARTIST SHOWCASE by Gunnar Larsen.


We hope you enjoy this issue!

Until next time,

Stay Strange.


The Aphotic Realm Team