Review Corner: Food for Worms by Ian Sputnik

Food for Worms by Ian Sputnik

Reviewed by S.J. Budd

“An anthology of small dark bites of life, death, everything in-between, and beyond written by Ian Sputnik.”

Food for Worms is the debut collection of dark fiction by Ian Sputnik, a writer whose tales I have been enjoying for some time now after reading his work in Sanitarium Magazine.

Food for Worms is a compendium of darkness featuring horror tales, poetry, flash fiction and illustrations. This is a collection of doomed souls and their despair, because in the end each and everyone of us is destined to become food for worms.

I really enjoyed the pieces of flash fiction dispersed throughout, highly original with very clever endings! The poetry I enjoyed too despite not really liking poems.

The collection gets off to a great start with Meal Deal. For me this is a great story from beginning to end. As well as writing really dark tales Ian can also do dark humour which work really well in his stories. Meal Deal is about a retired couple searching for the perfect British country pub. They have very specific tastes…

In Eyes, a husband has to deal with an unwanted house guest who worms their way into their family home straight into the heart of his adoring wife. Something must be done before things go too far…

Night Terrors, Richard has been suffering with terrors his whole life. These ones are so bad they carry on long after he has woken up. Is it really all in his head or is there a more disturbing reason behind Mr Chuckles?

Head For Horror may actually be a true story about Ian’s hat he’s very keen on!

When Death Takes Hold is possibly the darkest story in the collection. A tale of utter desperation. Adam stands on the riverbank of Black Water Cove, a strictly prohibited site. He has only one thing on his mind – death.

This is a great collection of short fiction, flash fiction and poetry all united with a dark theme and laced with humour. These are really fun stories to read and a lot of love has gone into the collection. I really liked the cover illustration by Robert E.Wilson and there’s some really cool illustrations throughout the book. A must read for any horror fan!

Check it out for yourself!


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