Episode 017 – AM Dellamonica


Alyx Dellamonica is a Canadian science fiction writer, with many short stories published since the 80s! They recently completed an MFA in creative writing, for which they wrote a horror screenplay. As L X Beckett, they have begun a brand new science fiction novel series, published by Tor, that starts with “Gamechanger.” It tackles climate change, social rating systems, the gig economy and more!

For a great introduction to this world, check out their novella, “Freezing Rain, A Chance of Falling”, originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction:

We talk about challenging yourself as a writer, the Clarion West Writers Workshop–and terrible Canandian weather!

LX Beckett site:
AM Dellamonica site:

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Marshall, who provided Losing the Plot’s intro music, has an EP out now! Check out “Emerald Shitty” here!