Cover Art Reveal for Issue 3!

Issue 3 Announcement time Realmers!

We announced the theme in the closing letter of Issue 2 Banished but for those folks that are behind in the times or perhaps are waiting to see if they wake up with a wonderful gift of Aphotic Realm in their stocking or under their tree, here it is:

Release Date: March/April 2018

Theme: Clandestine Government experiment escapes. Deep inside S4, the dormant spacecraft awakes. In the Montauk Facilities, children disappear and experiments begin. Secret Moonbase occupants slaughtered by a malevolent spirit. Let your imagination run wild but it must be a story worth being CLASSIFIED!

So there you have it. CLASSIFIED is the theme if you didn't already know and as you can tell, our cover art fits perfectly.

The piece is by Gancheng Li and was a fantastic find! We are so glad he agreed to contribute his work to our magazine.

For those that follow Adrian and I on Twitter, you may have seen our excited posts recently about all the great things happening that we couldn't talk about. Part of that excitement has to do with the art announcement but part has to do with things we are saving to announce in the coming weeks.

If you are submitting to this issue, trust me, this issue is going to be huge and you don't want to miss out. Make SURE your name and story make it into this one!

Submissions are open now and will close February 1st, 2018.

Get to submitting!


Aphotic Realm Team