Beyond the Outer Realm: A Gruesome Treat Good Enough to Eat


Good Evening!

September is almost upon us! That means a couple things to folks here around the Realm.

  1. If you want a chance to vote on the theme for Issue 9– Now is your last chance!!! (I just want to take a quick moment to say thanks to our Patrons who have voted and joined the AR’s Patreon to participate!)
  2. A little more than 15 days before submissions close for Issue #8 Halloween!

These are the two big pressing concerns that you need to know about. There are a lot of other moving pieces behind the scenes. These are exciting things that I want to tell you about but it will have to wait for another announcement.

Now on to the BIG announcement!

For the last few years we’ve gone back and forth on trying to find a way to present our magazine to you in a digital format in such a way that it wouldn’t lose the experience. So much work goes into the imagery and the presentation of these wonderful stories, interviews, comics, and more we never thought that could be done–until now.

Starting with Issue #8 Halloween, we’ll be offering DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS to our magazines! Details on the specifics will come in time, however, if you’d like to get a sneak peek at what these digital editions of one of these magazines would look like, we have a full copy of ISSUE #7 GRUESOME for your viewing pleasure!

Without further ado, I present to you the digital version of Gruesome!

Stay tuned for more details about the future digital subscriptions! If free stuff and extras interest you, head over to our Patreon and sign up!

Until next time!

Stay Strange,


and the

Aphotic Realm Team