Author Spotlight Interview: A.K. Summers

A.K. Summers is the author of Imagination, this week’s Story Spotlight. We got a chance to get to know the mind behind the words with this Author Spotlight Interview.

A.K. Summers has been writing scary short stories since she was a freshman in high school. She knew she had a knack for writing when her teacher said her worked resembled the earlier works of Stephen King. In most of her stories, one can always find the ghosts, vampires, or witches. However, what you won’t find are spiders, for she is deathly afraid of them. While she can’t pass up the opportunity to write a good fiction story, her true passion resides in film and theatre which is why she is a Creative Writing major, with a concentration in screenwriting, at Southern New Hampshire University. When A.K. has free time, you can probably find her on stage in some community theatre production, or sitting in a corner reading a good book.


Q & A

AR: What was your inspiration for your story, Imagination?

AK: What inspired me to write Imagination was the idea that anything that can’t be explained is always chalked up to ones imagination. I wanted to write a story showing someone struggling with the issue of being able to see things and not being believed.

AR: In your bio you said your passion is Theatre. What production has been your most favorite and why?
AK: My favorite production I have ever been in would be Godspell. I love how the show tells the story of Jesus’ love in a fun and entertaining way.

AR: You stated that you like to curl up with a good book. What is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?
AK: I don’t have a favorite book, but I do have a favorite series. I love the Mortal Instruments series written by my favorite author, Cassandra Clare.

AR: Is there any single quote that you find yourself going back to over and over again?
AK: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss

AR: Favorite book aside, who is your all-time favorite character that you love?
AK: Buffy Summers. Hands down.

AR: Favorite movie of all time?
AK: The Nightmare Before Christmas

AR: If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?
AK: I would want to see the prophecies shown to John in the book of Revelation.

AR: If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?
AK: Buffy Summers. Hands down. I would slay some vampires or something other worldly.

AR: What movie or novel are you most looking forward to seeing/reading this year?
AK: I am so excited to see “IT” this year!

AR: I’ll make it an easy one. What is your ideal pizza?
AK: My ideal pizza is a Mexican pizza from East of Chicago.

We’d like to give a big thanks to A.K. for her time today!

-Aphotic Realm Editors