About Us

Our Approach

First and foremost, we are here for the love of the craft. In addition, there are a lot of young, talented writers that struggle to find a home in a very competitive market. We wanted to provide such a home and from that desire, Aphotic Realm was born.

Our Story

A.A. Medina and Dustin Schyler Yoak met during their studies at Full Sail University and quickly gravitated towards each other due to their similar tastes in dark fantasy, humor, sci-fi, and more. A short time later, they were critiquing each other’s work and collaborating on projects. After graduation, they decided to combine their talents to form Aphotic Realm.

Our Team

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A.A. Medina

As a child, Adrian Alexander Medina found solace in storytelling, and every day he had a new one to…

Dustin Schyler Yoak

Dustin Schyler Yoak knew he wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry after watching Return of the Jedi…

Chris Martin
Owner/Associate Editor

Chris Martin grew up in rural Alabama. As a fan of all things Star Wars, Transformers, Tolkien, and the…

Gunnar Larsen
Art Director

Gunnar Larsen has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He started out trying to draw the…

Leo X. Robertson

Leo X. Robertson is a process engineer, writer and filmmaker, currently living in Stavanger, Norway. author of unclassifiable fiction…

S.J. Budd

S.J.Budd grew up in Cornwall surrounded by myths and legends. She has always been fascinated by anything out of…

Morgan K. Tanner

Morgan K Tanner is a writer, drummer, and golfist currently residing in the English countryside. The idyllic surroundings make it an…

Jordan Gerdes

Jordan Gerdes is an educator and author in Central Oregon. When he’s not devouring horror media or writing, he…