Experience the strange and sinister come alive...or dead inside these vibrant, full color, 8.5 x 11 pages. Each issue is complete with a collection of fantastic short stories, chilling editorials, informative interviews, and breathtaking artist showcases. Released quarterly, authors submit original stories around a pre-selected theme. Available in print and digital. Get yours today!

Theme: Apparitions - Astronauts encounter fifth-dimensional beings! Knights stumble upon ghastly creatures from another realm! The high school is haunted by a bitter janitor! Science fiction, fantasy, or good ‘ol horror – it doesn’t matter, just make sure it has a ghostly element.

Cover Art: Gunnar Larsen

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Theme: Betrayed! Banished from sanctuary. Left for dead. A knife in the back. Deceit and bloodshed. The focus of this issue is Survival. Whether the character is thrown out an airlock in the void of space, left on a deserted island to rot, bamboozled and beaten by so-called friends, or brutally betrayed by loved ones – we want to see how they handle the situation for the better. Or the worst.

Cover Art: Rolands Kalniņš

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