Light a candle next to a grimoire, dust off that hefty tome, or search for clues in that stack of case files. Aphotic Realm Anthologies are perfect for avid strange and sinister readers on the go in these 8 x 5 formatted collections. Available in both print and digital editions. Coming Soon!
SHADOWS OF THE MIND: A Collection of Short Stories
By: Mandi Jourdan

Experience the hit series like never before in this beautiful collected edition. Complete with all eight of your favorites, plus FIVE BRAND NEW STORIES EXCLUSIVE to this volume!

Synopsis: In the 2200s, President Isabella Hartley commissions her senior advisor to lead the Division, an organization dedicated to creating the perfect android soldier to take the place of humans in combat.

The effects of this move are far-reaching, as Isabella’s daughter Rachel is left to head the Division years after her mother’s administration and deal with the rogue androids it spawned, including Mia, who has ties to the death of robotics mogul Damian Lawrence.

Damian’s fiancée Ravenna, his brother Derek, his sister Desi, and his business partner Eddie are dragged into the world of shadows, betrayal, and murder along with Lila, Damian’s company’s first creation, and the world's first near-human android.

Cover Art: "Escape" by Gunnar Larsen

Edited by: Dustin Schyler Yoak

Available on Paperback and Kindle now!


Jam packed with twenty of the best general submissions we received in 2017! No theme or restrictions. Just plain strange and sinister!

Cover Art: "Tales From the Realm" by Gunnar Larsen

Edited by: Dustin Schyler Yoak

Available on Paperback and Kindle now!

GRIMDARK GRIMOIRES: A Dark Fantasy Anthology

Theme: Swords and Sorcery. Demons and Dragons. Bards and Battlements. Strange and Sinister. You won't find any Wizard of Oz, "Portal Fantasy" type stories in this collection. Only High Fantasy stories that take place in a Secondary World will be found among these pages.

Cover Art: Gunnar Larsen

Edited by: A. A. Medina

Available on Paperback and Kindle now!


Theme: Aphotic Realm is settling down in the mountains of America with a new anthology, APPALACHIAN HORROR. Explore the depths of our own backyard and the darker roots of the human spirit. From the mysterious lights of a night sky to the strange creatures that roam the woods, explore the unseen and sinister beneath nature's beauty.

Cover Art: TBA

Edited by: Bo Chappell

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